ENERGY Healing

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Are you ready to make the move towards creating a positive shift in your life?

The perspectives we have about ourselves, others, and the world changes as we alter or align our energy. As we are made up of a complex energy system it is key to notice your energy and how it affects you.

It is of great importance to keep the energetic body as healthy as you would your physical body and for all the things you do in your everyday life. When the blocks and the belief patterns that create disharmony are identified and dissolved. The connection to your true essence comes through loud and clear, creating a peaceful and joyous YOU.

A healing session would benefit you if you are feeling depressed, stuck, stressed out, in physical pain, weight gain, financial strife and many other issues.

*These healing energies works alongside any medical treatment and compliments other healing modalities. 

*All sessions are done remotely over the phone, What’s App or Skype and take approx. 30 min.

* Cost: $80.00

*Feel free to contact me with any questions.