Healing Meditations

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Are you ready to feel balanced and calm from the inside out?

If you want to show up feeling inspired in your life, then you need to start from within. Remember, your mind wants to be calm, clear and focused, your body wants to feel connected and balanced, and your spirit wants to be free!

Here you will find a few recorded healing meditations for the areas in your life that may need a little attention. You'll receive a 30 minute (approx) download to listen to at your convenience. All you need to do is get comfy cozy. If you don’t see one that addresses your needs please contact me to discuss options.


  • My opinion... the difference between my healing meditation and a meditation. During a healing meditation we will be energetically clearing and unraveling any issues specific to your selection. Whereas, a meditation is usually focused on the breath and quieting the chatter of the mind. Both are extremely beneficial – it is my belief that they meet different needs, in different ways.


To view the selection of healing meditations click below.

New meditations added monthly!

Healing Meditations