Hello! I’m Fabiana and this is Holistic Mind where I hope to provide a variety of ways to bring you a sense of connection and wholeness that is vital to your existence.

From a young age, I was always interested in the powerful relationship between the body, mind and spirit. To gain further understanding of this relationship I studied many different healing modalities. I am a certified Naturopath, Master Herbalist and hold several certifications from other healing methods such as ThetaHealing, Sacred Activations and near and dear to my heart Angel Card Reader w/ Dr. Doreen Virtue.

Explorer of new and interesting people, places and things! I look to the skies in awe of all that surrounds me and I wonder what secrets the clouds hold, do they know what makes the world go round? I haven’t quite found out yet, but I will never stop seeking or asking questions.

I hold my family and friends so very near to my heart. Without laughter and music, life is much too quiet. I will find any occasion to celebrate because it isn’t done often enough. I’m the woman in the grocery store that ooh’s and goo’s at every passing baby. I make the time to stop and smell the roses. My super power: I find the positive in every situation.

This is what makes my world go round!

Let’s chat!

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