Holidays got you down?

One would hope the holidays to be a joyous time as they sing in many a Christmas Carol. Instead, some find themselves filled with dread. This healing meditation will address exhaustion, anxiety, family angst, financial stress, loneliness, overwhelm and sadness.

What: A recorded meditation to help bring peace and love, kindness and forgiveness to your heart. This meditation will bring healing for the physical, mental and emotional self at whichever capacity is just right for you.

Why: The holidays can be loaded with emotional triggers starting from early childhood through the senior years, in other words, a lifetime! This meditation will soften those emotions enabling you to get through them. Hopefully you will see things differently and find that you’ve made it through without a breakdown.

When: This recording is available for immediate purchase. Once it is downloaded you may listen anywhere and anytime that is convenient. Please do not share this download, as it is specific to each individual who has made the purchase.

How: Click on the link below. Download the session and get yourself comfy cozy. 

Holiday Ease Please