2017 Angel Forecast 

2017 is right around the corner and your angels have messages for you!


What: An angel forecast is a reading for the entire year, month by month. You will receive a message specific to you for every month of the year. There will also be a channeled message from your guardian angel offering you guidelines and direction.                     

Why: Wouldn't you like to enhance your awareness? The angels offer guidance on the experiences coming your way in the upcoming year. These messages are always loving, supportive and accurate.      

When: Sessions begin Friday, Jan. 6, 2017. You will receive the reading over the phone at a scheduled time, as well as, the angel report via email. Times slots fill up quickly, get on the list to avoid a long wait.  

How: I have several angel card decks that I am guided to choose from, intuitively bringing forth the information that is most valuable for you to know.  

Cost: $50   * Sessions must be purchased before scheduling.

The 2017 Angel Forecast is a unique gift that gives all year round. To purchase for yourself or someone who could use the extra love click here.